Asset Integrity Engineer

PEI Group

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Update day: 25-01-2022

Location: Canterbury - other Canterbury

Category: Mechanical / Technical


Job type: Full time

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We are seeking a person to fit within a dynamic and adaptive team with skills specialising in risk-based review, inspection, analysis and rectification of high pressure equipment including boilers, pressure vessels, heat exchangers and piping.

Experience with detailed pressure parts design, fit for service assessment, inspection and assessment of pressure equipment including troubleshooting, and development / maintenance of risk based inspection programmes is desired. The work will utilise expertise in the disciplines of mechanical engineering, metallurgy, inspection techniques and NDT. The candidate is to have knowledge of design, fabrication and inspections codes including ASME, API, AS/NZS, Approved Codes of Practice New Zealand, PECPR Regulations.

Work will include both office and site-based assignments including periods of high intensity during plant maintenance outages.

The job will suit an engineer with strong technical and analytical skills, an interest for ongoing development of knowledge, an eagerness to mentor colleagues and a desire to become a important part of a growing team of specialist personnel.

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